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Winter is knocking your door and you need a comfortable warmth in your home to keep away the chilling cold. If you ask a simple solution for it, experts recommend boiler installation in Glasgow. However, if you are using a boiler first time, various questions may come in your mind. Therefore, our team at The Boiler Repair Man provides you a list of FAQs that will help you know the details about boiler installation and services. You may have a look at these:

Who can install a domestic or commercial boiler in your home and office?

You should contact a Gas Safe registered commercial gas engineer in Glasgow for installing a boiler. Make sure the person is a qualified expert for installing a boiler in your property. 

The experienced engineer in our company knows how to install the right boiler safely in your property. You should neither try to install the boiler yourself nor believe any layman for doing the same in your home and office, go for experts only. 

How long a boiler lasts?

While going for a new boiler installation in Glasgow, a common question may come in your mind that how long a boiler would last. It is a common question. 

As per our experts, a branded boiler may last from 10-15 years or more than that. However, if you purchase an expensive iron boiler, it may last 20 years with proper repair, maintenance, and other services.

How long does the installation process take?

The central heating system of a boiler is needed to be perfect while installing a boiler in your house or office. So, after you check all the parts of the boiler, decide to install it. 

If you ask us, our company needs 2-3 business days to install a domestic or commercial boiler in your property. The central heating repairs in Glasgow is often needed if the heating part of the boiler does not function from the root.

If a boiler shows malfunction, how long does the repairing service takes?

It completely depends on the pipework, central heating system, and other necessary parts of the boiler. Our engineers try to take minimum time to do various types of servicing after boiler installation. If you detect any type of problem, contact our technician for fast servicing. 

How to detect the problems of domestic and commercial boiler?

There are a few signs that help you know why domestic or commercial boilers are needed to be repaired. You need to identify the signs for repairing the boiler. Our experts have listed some signs as follows:

  • Breakdown and malfunction of a boiler
  • The temperature of the water is not hot
  • It may make humming, creaking, groaning, and buzzing noises
  • The energy bills are going up
  • Leakage in the pipelines of the boiler
  • The boiler is switching off automatically
  • Malfunction in the central heating system of the boiler

All these problems are enough to indicate that your boiler needs repair and servicing

Final Thoughts

You may ask any other questions too besides the above-mentioned ones about the boiler installation in Glasgow. Contact our team of The Boiler Repair Man if you have more doubts about the installation process and we will handle it all.

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Timely maintenance ensures the safe and efficient operation of a boiler. It involves a visit from an engineer who will perform a series of safety checks on the boiler that will make sure of its efficiency. The engineer is also certified to check whether a homeowner requires a new boiler installation or not.

Why Boiler Servicing is Important?

Saves Money

A worn-out boiler uses more fuel to heat a home. It increases heating bills. Regular servicing ensures the optimal condition of the components and delivers efficient services.


Furthermore, annual servicing of boilers allows the engineer to thoroughly check each part of a boiler and identify the issues if there are any. The most common issue in a boiler is a carbon monoxide leak. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that can cause brain damage that can even be fatal. It might not be possible for you to identify the issue in a boiler but the color of flame can help in detecting leakage problems at times. Blue flame denotes a properly working boiler. Whereas, Orange flame denotes an underlying issue in a boiler.

Prevents Breakdowns

Persistent problems can lead to a boiler breakdown. However, regular servicing retains the condition of a boiler.


Boilers come with a warranty period. Moreover, manufacturers offer free of charge repairs during this warranty period. However, it is only applicable when you annually service the boiler by a Gas Safe Engineer.

What Involves Boiler Servicing?

Only a qualified engineer can carry out validated boiler servicing. A Gas Safe registered engineer can service a gas boiler. However, an OFTEC engineer should service an oil boiler.

A boiler servicing process involves:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Removal of a boiler casing
  • Flue Check
  • Gas Pressure Check
  • Boiler Firing up

These are the important steps of a boiler inspection that an engineer carries out. Furthermore, you might need a customized inspection if the situation requires it.

How Long Does It Take to Service a Boiler?

A generic servicing procedure might take around 30 minutes but it varies depending on the model and brand of the boiler.

For that reason, hire an authorized boiler installation company, The Boiler Repair Man in Glasgow to carry out a successful boiler servicing process.

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Boilers are essential to every household without which you cannot hope to survive the harsh cold weather. To keep your home warm and comfortable, you must make sure that the boiler is in fine working condition. Regular servicing is essential to maintain its heating capability as well as fuel efficiency. Any problems detected with the equipment should never be procrastinated and fixed at the very early stage. Getting timely boiler breakdown repairs to help to keep the repair costs down and energy consumption in control. A faulty boiler is a threat to your life as it emits lethal carbon monoxide gas that the boiler produces. High-pressure readings, water leakages, and boiler breakdowns are few early signs that indicate malfunctioning of the boiler system. The first thing to do is to check whether your insurance includes boiler repair and replacement. If they do, then chances are that they will take over the matter and get a qualified and dependable engineer to fix the repair work and if required, replace the entire product.

You will need to choose a reliable engineer. Apart from asking your friends and colleagues to refer a good professional for the job, you can browse through the web. Get quotes from several sources and compare their expertise, experience, and price before selecting anyone. Depending on the condition of your boiler, you might either have to get a complete replacement or have a few parts replaced. You can take your engineer’s advice to know how you can get the correct quality parts at the cheapest prices possible.
There may be some who think that they should adopt the DIY modes for the repairs. This is not really advisable. Trying to fix the boiler on your own can be very dangerous as you are not likely to possess the qualification and knowledge required to carry out this specialized job. A boiler is a piece of complex equipment; your amateurish attempts at handling it, could lead to further damages and you may have to call specialists for even bigger expenses.

If you are in Glasgow and looking for boiler breakdown services or gas safety certificates, you may choose “The Boiler Repair Man”. They have 20 years of rich experience in the industry and offer quality boiler services. Boilers are rewarding when they work the best. Nothing can be more perilous than a malfunctioning boiler. Call the experts, today!

With the kind of climate, the prevails in Glasgow, having a reliable boiler system is indispensable. These boilers offer instant hot water down the tap whenever you need it. However, you might have noticed that they tend to be less efficient with age.

This calls for a more meticulous approach before choosing the right option for your home, lest you end up spending loads on boiler repairs. The primary parameters that you should be concerned with before buying a new boiler are:

  • Efficiency
  • Performance
  • Durability

Boilers are of two types – Combi and Conventional. Here is a brief description of the different boilers you should know about before buying one.

Combi boilers

A combi (or combination) boiler is quite popular in the country. It is economical and can provide instant heating of water while in use. The hot water flow is unlimited as it is connected with the mains directly. These boilers don’t need a separate tank for storing water, which allows you to save a lot of space. However, if you are using more than one tap at the same time, the water flow might get affected.

Conventional boilers

Conventional boilers require a tank or cylinder to store hot water, and hence, do not compromise on the flow, irrespective of the number of taps in operation. However, they are better suited for bigger houses since the installation and placement of cylinders occupy a lot of space.

Boilers and heaters are prone to natural wear-and-tear and require regular maintenance. In fact, central heating repairs require immediate attention and can cost you a fortune, if you have not discussed it with n expert. So if you are looking for services on boiler repairs in Glasgow, get in touch with “The Boiler Repair Man” over phone or email. The services are comprehensive and we address your issues in the best possible way.

Central heating systems play a pivotal role in the comfort of the indoors. They give complete peace of mind and ensure the smooth functioning of day to day life. Whether or not you require central heating repairs, there are few tips in terms of safe practice that one should be aware of. These tips will make sure that the central heating system is working fine and should go on serving you without technical hiccups.

Annual maintenance and inspection: Approved or certified inspectors are there to make sure that the boiler or heating system is working fine. A regular

  • check-up ensures there is no possible problem and you save money in the future.
  • Valve and pressure gauge inspection: Check all the systems in question and make sure that there are no discrepancies in their functioning. This enhances their working condition and prevents any damage in the future.
  • Corrosion and leakage: One should always look for any leakage that is there in the system. Leaking of gas can be profusely hazardous for your home and can lead to fatal accidents. This has an additional impact on the efficiency of the system and could well be the reason for repair.

The above tasks can serve as a warning and can prevent any damage to the systems. Additionally, if you are in doubt you should look up for experts in the region. They will help you identify the right problem and come up with the best solution.

The above tasks can serve as a warning and can prevent any damage to the systems. Additionally, if you are in doubt you should look up for experts in the region. They will help you identify the right problem and come up with the best solution.

If you are looking for expertise in central heating repairs and boiler repairs in Glasgow, then The Boiler Repair Man is the company for you. They are the experts in the industry and their engineers have certification to work and are Gas Safe Registered. They have more than 20 years of experience in the industry and have state- of- the- art solutions for your heating and boiling problems. For queries related to heating systems and boilers, do call us today. 

A Gas Safety Certificate is a legal requirement for any landlord who is wishing to rent out their property. The most important aspect of this certificate is that it proves that all gas appliances in the premises are working properly and it is committed to the safety standards. With the help of a gas safe registered engineer, you can now get the certificate on an annual basis after completion of the survey.

Moreover, a gas safety certificate not only protects the tenants, but it also offers a binding document that protects the landlord if any problem arises with the boiler in the later period. The checks highlight if anything is wrong with several important areas such as the problem with hot water, ignition, and flue that needs to be repaired immediately in order to avoid hassles of a boiler breakdown. Some other factors that are included in the annual gas safety check are –

  • The gas safety check ensures the boiler and other gas appliances are operating at the correct operating pressure.
  • It offers a thorough examination of the appliances regarding leakage, combustion, and function so that your boiler can be efficient during chilly winters.
  • With the help of gas engineers, you can get this safety certificate along with annual servicing which ultimately reduces your energy bills and can help save a lot of money.
  • All the vital parts of the boiler get thoroughly checked and cleaned which makes your boiler work perfectly.
  • The boiler engineers remove the boiler casing and check all the internal components including the heat exchanger, burner and main injector.

While you are thinking of getting a thorough inspection of your boiler, contact the engineers from the boiler repairman in Glasgow. You can also get services like Boiler Installations, boiler repairing, boiler replacement, and emergency plumbing services. Get cost-effective solutions bespoke to your requirements.

Making yourself comfortable in the chilly winters is really important and can be achieved with the help of an efficient boiler. An annual boiler servicing is necessary to keep a check on any issues that may arise. But often due to a hectic schedule, you tend to skip overlook caring for your boiler which can make your central heating system even more dangerous. Central heating repairs safeguard your house and its people from fires, explosion, gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition, boiler repairing is more important before winter approaches so that it works effectively throughout the cold winter months.

Malfunctioning of central heating can affect you in many other ways. The leaky ductwork and reduced airflow can prevent your heating system from reaching the desired temperature during the cold weather. A clean and lubricated heating system prevents extra energy consumption and the equipment lifespan can become much longer. The lesser the stress on your equipment, the longer it will last and it will work at a much better rate for longer.

Routine maintenance can detect the cause of your boiler problem and with the help of proficient boiler engineers, the cost of fixing the issue can be reduced greatly.

Additionally, Gas Safety Certificates are another important feature which is immensely important for both rented accommodation and commercial premises. This legal document needs to be issued every twelve months, it keeps a record of your central heating system. After all, your boiler, pipework, flues, and other gas appliances must be repaired and maintained in a safe condition to reduce any chance of issues arising. This safety certificate ensures that your gas appliances are operating safely and efficiently without any chances of accidents.

While thinking of all these facts related to your central heating system, you need to hire professional engineers from The Boiler Repair Man in Glasgow, who ensure to provide you with some of the most reliable services at affordable rates. So, get your gas appliances checked before it’s too late.